US land based group services

Adventures by Design provides a wide range of thrilling destinations throughout North America, such as Boston, New York City, Washington DC, and Florida, just to mention a few. Whether you are seeking historical sites, adventurous experiences, or simply want to explore the beautiful sights, we can tailor a comprehensive land-based tour for your group. With our expertise and attention to detail, your journey will be meticulously curated to ensure an unforgettable and seamless travel experience. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Boston, discover the vibrant energy of New York City, delve into the political hub of Washington DC, or bask in the sun-drenched beaches of Florida. Let Adventures by Design guide you through an incredible adventure filled with captivating destinations and unforgettable memories.


Boston, the city known for its rich history, is a haven for history enthusiasts. With its plethora of museums and heritage tours, it is like a playground for those who have a passion for the past. Whether you choose to explore by sea or land, there are countless opportunities to immerse yourself in the city's historical charm. Bunker Hill and Freedom Trail are absolute must-sees, offering a glimpse into the American Revolution and the birth of our nation. After absorbing the historical significance of these landmarks, why not indulge in another quintessential American experience and catch a baseball game? Boston's beloved Red Sox provide an exciting and energetic atmosphere that will surely enhance your visit to this fascinating city.

New York City

Start your NYC adventure by exploring the iconic landmarks that make this city truly unforgettable. Begin in the heart of Manhattan, where the dazzling lights of Times Square will mesmerize you. Take a trip to the top of the Empire State Building and witness breathtaking panoramic views of the city that never sleeps. Don't forget to pay homage to Lady Liberty as you sail across the harbor to visit the majestic Statue of Liberty. Once you've experienced these must-see attractions, immerse yourself in the vibrant neighborhoods that make New York City so unique. Wander through the charming streets of Greenwich Village, indulge in the diverse culinary scene of Chinatown, or explore the artistic haven of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.


Florida is a fantastic destination for both tourists and residents, offering a wide range of adventures and attractions. From thrilling theme parks to tranquil sunken gardens, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The state is renowned for its famous beaches, where visitors can soak up the sun and indulge in water sports. Florida also boasts historical cities that are rich in culture and heritage, providing a glimpse into the past. Additionally, the state is full of delightful hole-in-the-wall surprises, hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you are seeking adrenaline-pumping rides or a peaceful escape, Florida has it all. Explore this diverse and captivating state and create unforgettable memories.

US National Parks

National parks are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in our country. From the breathtaking mountain ranges in Alaska to the expansive prairies of the Everglades, these parks hold our nation's most cherished natural treasures. They provide us with an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the vast array of resources found within them. Whether it's the rocks beneath our feet or the infinite expanse of the sky above, national parks offer a glimpse into the diverse and awe-inspiring wonders of nature. Exploring these parks allows us to connect with the natural world and gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things. So, let's immerse ourselves in the beauty and splendor of our national parks and embrace the invaluable lessons they have to offer.

Montreal and Quebec City Canada

The vibes of Montréal and Québec City are distinct yet harmonious. Montréal, being a large and cosmopolitan city, exudes an energetic and bustling atmosphere. On the other hand, Québec City is known for its cozy and inviting ambiance. A journey to both Montréal and Québec City offers an immersive experience into the heart and soul of French Canada.

Washington DC and Williamsburg Va

You can explore the rich tapestry of American history in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States. From the first brave settlers to the present-day political figures, this region offers a fascinating journey through time. Start your exploration in the nation's capital, where you can marvel at the iconic White House and witness the power of the U.S. Supreme Court. Immerse yourself in the vibrant history of Colonial Williamsburg, a place where the essence of America was first forged. Walk through the cobbled streets, visit historic buildings, and engage with costumed interpreters who bring the past to life. The Mid Atlantic region is a treasure trove of historical significance, allowing you to truly understand and appreciate the rich heritage of the United States.